March Eighth "Women's Day" Qingjiang gallery tour

TIME: 2023-03-08 VIEWS:378

Spring in March, grass and Yingfei, it is a good time to spring outing. On March 8th International Women's Day, Hubei Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. adhering to the concept of caring for women, led by the trade union, organized all female workers to participate in the "March 8th International Women's Day Qingjiang Gallery tour.

On the morning of March 7th, all the female employees of Tianyi Machinery took a bus to Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City, and started a beautiful day's journey. Along the way, the tour guide warmly introduced the Tujia people's unique national culture such as crying marriage, folk songs, stilted buildings, etc. Everyone listened carefully and was full of expectations for this trip.

"Eight hundred miles of the Qingjiang River picturesque, three hundred miles of Changyang like a gallery", arrived at the gate of the Qingjiang Gallery, in front of the eyes of the spring, beautiful mountains and waters, it is difficult to look away, people have to take photos. The best way to experience the Qingjiang River is to take a cruise. Ten minutes away from the gate of the scenic spot is the cruise dock. Both sides of the castle peak reflected in the river, some like a kind and kind Buddha overlooking the distance, some like a graceful girl to mirror grooming, and such as a strong elephant drinking sweet Qingjiang water...... Beautiful in all its shapes and forms. Standing in the bow of the boat, the cool wind rushing towards me, I felt refreshed. Looking into the river, Qingjiang water can see the sand at the bottom of the river.

Cruise about an hour, we got off the boat came to the birthplace of Tujia culture - the bell from the mountain. Wu fall bell from the mountain is a national sacred mountain, for thousands of years, she stood quietly on the bank of the Qingjiang River, with her broad mind, raised today's Tujia, in the history of China's ethnic minorities, write an immortal chapter. "Singing and dancing to worship the dead" and "crying to celebrate marriage" are the unique folk customs of the Tujia people. The primitive, simple and mysterious Batu culture can be fully reflected in Qingjiang Gallery.

During the trip, everyone queued up consciously and orderly, cared for each other and helped each other, took good care of public facilities, took away garbage with them, and made civilized travel and happy travel, demonstrating the quality of pleasant weather. In the afternoon, everyone took the boat back to the dock, took the bus back to the company reluctantly, and finished the day's trip to Qingjiang Gallery with dinner.

The water of the Qingjiang River is gentle, and the mountain of the gallery is amazing. This trip to Qingjiang Gallery has brought relaxation to all the female employees of Tianyi, made them feel the deep festival atmosphere and the warmth of the big family, and further enhanced the cohesion among the employees. They all expressed that they would devote themselves to work with greater enthusiasm, be grateful and continue to struggle.

Trade union committee