Logo interpretation With the wings of the eagle as the main body, the eagle symbolizes strength, courage and victory, in this metaphor for "day pleasant" with a pair of soaring high wings, long as the eagle as accurate eyes and with the eagle as the spirit of courage, in the industry can be a champion, obtain a broader market.
The "sun" on the eagle's wings has a double meaning
Symbolizing the company's staff, under the leadership of the leaders, flying in the sky.
The ORIGINAL intention of the sun, a symbol of light, prosperity, hope, on behalf of the company's bright future, the company will be more prosperous!
  • Management philosophy
    People oriented harmony; happy life happy work
  • Enterprise spirit
    Innovation, self-realization; strong enterprise, social returns
  • Staff code
    Love the motherland, loyalty to the company; Open-minded, studious, unceasingly enterprising; Dedication, hard work, Studies assiduously and innovation; Abide by the law, abide by social morality; mutual respect and courtesy to colleagues; Honest and trustworthy; self-cultivation, based on the society.